Thursday, March 13, 2014

LOVE. Such a Wonderful Word.. Such a Hard thing to do.. Or not.

Butterflies in my stomach, kissing in the rain, warm hugs and shivers in your spine. These are the things that some teenagers associate love with. It's because of the mainstream idea that we have when we say love. That's why when we talk about love, our crushes are the first ones that we think about. If people feel happy when talking about love, why do they feel awkward when they talk about Jesus and His love for us? 

Lately i've been encountering anger issues with people, especially with my acquaintances. I would fill my heart with anger and I would hate them. Because of this, I'd be miserable the whole day. 

I don't know why but my devotion for today and the message that i've heard from the Christian radio station that we usually listen to points to the second greatest commandment of Jesus and that is to "Love your neighbor as you love yourself.". Sounds easy? No. 

I am a Christian. I am not perfect. Loving the people I loathe is hard. Really hard. While I was listening to the radio a while ago, I was like, HOOOOOOW. How do you even love somebody so unworthy and somebody who's so rude, mean, unkind and unlovable? And then it hit me. I am referring to myself as well. 

I remembered God and how He loved me even if I'm rude, mean, unkind and unlovable. He accepted me even if I'm maarte, nasty, cray-cray, OA and weird. I am totally unlovable and I am not different to the people I loathe. I am also loathe-worthy. But, God, filled with compassion and grace, looked at me with love and demonstrated His love for me by sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. He sent His son because He loves me, even if I am a sinner. 

Given this, the question of how to love the unlovable stays on my mind. How can I really love them? Well, to be honest, I really think that loving the person you hate is hard. In the first place, I should not be hating that person. Instead, I must love him. But how will I? Yes, God has demonstrated how to love the unlovable but I always say that "Yes, He can do that, of course. He is in fact God.". 

"By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" John 13:35. Jesus said that other people will know that we are truly his disciples if we love others. I believe that the love tackled here in this verse is not love for the lovable only. I stated this verse because this shows that God should not only be the one to love the unlovable. We, as his children should as well.

It is true that loving the unlovable is hard to do but I look at loving the unlovable by doing simple visualizations. I visualize a glass which is half full. The water in the glass symbolizes love, while the glass symbolizes our heart. If a person's heart is not filled with God's love, then he can't really give love. This person also feels incomplete because he wants more love, for him to feel happy. If water is poured continuously to the glass, then the water will spill, making the things around the glass wet. Well, I visualize love like this. That the reason why I can love others is not because I am so strong that I have the ability to love them because I am good. I can love them because God loved me first, and when His love overflows, I can't change its overflowing tendency that I become an extension of His love already. 

How about you? Are you having a hard time loving the unlovable as well? Well, I've got good news for you. You can.  


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