Saturday, January 25, 2014

Shekinah The Dreamer.

How should I start this post. Lol. This will be a list of all my dreams, possible and impossible ones.  Well, in my life, I want to do a lot of things. As in a looooot. I mean, i love learning. I discovered that fact during this third term of the academic year 2013-2014. Well, you know, we'd sit in class and listen to  "boring" (that is what they say) lessons. I find it weird because I, of all people, do not find those classes boring...... I made a conclusion that I might be a nerd, in a good way though. I accepted this fact and suddenly started dreaming about A LOT of things. Here goes.
I Hope To........

- Be a stage actress. Preferably musicals. 
- Be a singer.
- Be a Songwriter.
- Record my songs. 
- Release an album.
- Improve my singing. Really, i need and want voice lessons. And a very patient teacher. Lol.
- Be a dancer
- Learn Hip-hop dancing.
- Learn Jazz.
- Improve my penmanship.
- Learn Basic drawing.
- Learn Basic Painting.
- Learn basic fashion designing.
- Learn Photography.
- Learn Basic fashion Photography.
- Learn basic modeling.
- Learn Archery.
- Learn Arnis.
- Be in a Star Magic Workshop.
- Improve my songwriting skills.
- Learn musical arranging.
- Learn how to skate.
- Be a figure skater.
- Be a fashion icon. Lol. As if. 
- Make my own perfume.
- Have my own cookies.
- Learn how to bake.
- Learn advance Cooking.
- Learn basic writing.
- Be an author.
- Be a motivational Speaker.
- Preach at a service.
- Have my own laptop.
- Graduate with honors.
- Build my own restaurant. 
- Learn more vocab words.
- Be more kind.
- Be more loving.
- Be more patient.
- Have more humility.
- Improve the appearance of my room.
- Have an extreme makeover, Shekinah Edition.
- Reconcile with my friends.
- Have my own website. 
- Learn basic HTML.
- Learn advance HTML.
- Have my own herbal garden.
- Form my own environmental group.
- Form my own helping group. Don't wanna call it charity.
- Grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus.
- Share the gospel more.
- Learn more DIY.
- Set up my own clothing company.
- achieve all these. 

Lol. I'll update this list. As of the moment, this list is a list of all my dreams as of January 26, 2014. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Greatest Lie to Fourth Year High School Students in the Philippines

Good evening peeps. Was inspired to write this entry because i have a lot of fourth year high school friends and I have experienced this as well. Fourth year high school is a student's last year in high school. It is also know as a person's senior year and it is commonly the most important year for a graduating student, because this is where he makes the most out of his highschool life. A series of parties will be thrown, JS prom will also be celebrated, and of course the graduation and the commencement exercises will be held at the end of the school year. What's next for a person after high school? COLLEGE.

A person's senior year can't be complete without college entrance exams, that's the reason why seniors study during summer to prepare for these exams and for them to enter the top 4 universities in The Philippines. Those universities would be University of the Philippines, De La Salle University Manila (wohoo! Lol. kiddin), Ateneo De Manila University and University of Santo Thomas. More than a thousand students take these big entrance exams and of course, all of them wishes to enter at least one of these prestigious schools. Some students pass 4 out of 4 universities, some pass three, two, one and some do not pass any of these top four universities. What's my point? Am I here to rub that in? Lol. Nope. I am here to remind you of your worth in Jesus Christ. 

If you are one of the people who did not pass at least one of these, let's say you passed 2 out of 4 universities, do you still feel incomplete? Believe me if you are able pass 2 out of 4 of these top universities, you will still feel incomplete. How would I know? Well, let's just say that I passed two out of those four. That would be De La Salle University Manila and University of Santo Thomas. You might say, really? You're unbelievable. You're so ungrateful. You passed two of these big universities while I didn't pass any of them and you still feel incomplete? Trust me, I did. But what was this change that happened to me after a series of reflections? Well that's what I'm about to share to ya'll. It is the greatest lie that fourth year high school students in the Philippines listen to. 

Let's say that you failed and you're not able to do the "Hey I got 4/4!" I have a question, so what? Lol. You might say, "You can only say that 'cause you are in La Salle right now.." Well, nah. I believe that's not the case. The reason why I was sad even if I passed 2 schools out of four is because I did not pass MY goal school. Check that out, MY GOAL SCHOOL. Of course i'd feel sad. Given that it is MY plan and it is not GOD's plan, then of course i'd feel empty. 

Let me just say this, I am blessed to have my parents with me because they are the ones who guided me and they are the ones who helped me know what God's plan is. I remember when the Ateneo results came out, I was devastated cause i wasn't able to make it BUT, God lead me to Proverbs chapter three. What struck me hard was verses five and six. I thanked God for ensuring me that He holds my future, all I gotta do is TRUST Him with ALL of my HEART and lean not on MY OWN understanding. I knelt down and sang praise songs, but I was still crying all right... The only difference is, now I have the peace that God knows WHERE to put me and WHY He will put me there. The UP results came out during our senior prom, so we checked the list if ever I made it or not. Well, unfortunately, my name was not on the list, but because I was secured in Christ, IT DID NOT MATTER. Well, you have to take note that UP is my goal school, but it did not matter because I trust the Lord with ALL OF MY HEART. Oh, by the way, let me just say that before all these results came out, I was really crying so hard because I felt like I can't pass UP, but like I said, when God revealed to me that He is the one who is in charge, it DID NOT matter. God had a better plan :) 

If God had a better plan for me back then, then I know that He has a better plan for YOU as well. Now here's the great lie. The great lie that is being given to fourth year students right now is that when you do not pass, you are dumb and you have no future. It is not the case. Focus on God! He loves you and cares for your future! He know His plans for you! God bless and comment on this entry! :) Lol. I'd be extending this post next time due to the fact that it is alredy 12:13 in the morning. :) 

One and the same.

For me, the relationship that i have with my sister is like the relationship that Demi and Selena has. It is the type of relationship that Elsa and Anna shares. By the 27th of this month, my sister will turn 15 years old. By the month of May, she will be taking her review lessons for her college entrance tests. What's my point? Well, my point is that I get too occupied with school that I do not have the time to stop all these work and bond with my precious little sister. I love Janielle. She is my bestfriend, my lifestyle coach (trust me, she's good), my source of belly laughs and my sister... My little baby sister. I am blessed because she isn't one of those bratty little sissy's who would treat their older sissy's as, i don't know... Strangers? I am blessed to have parents who guided us to be the best of friends. When I am blue, I would just bond with her and she'd be able to make me laugh. She knows my deepest darkest secret, yet she still loves me. Oh, she makes my english homeworks. Lol. Kiddin' She corrects my grammar, after laughing at me, of course. Lol. I just love her and I would just like to let the whole world know that even if we're different people with different personality types, love is the one that connects us and I am happy because she is the one that God gave me. If you have a sibling, I hope you could express your love to Him or her. I have a lot of words to say actually but I can't express it as of the moment. I'll make a series of blogs just for her. Wait for it. ;) 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

One of my dreams...

 This is a book that my daddy bought a few days ago. It's about girls and their projects about the environment. I am so inspired. I just hope that i'll be able to do mine soon. :) 

Help: Do you know any environmental groups in the Philippines?

Hello everyone. I was taught by my parents to take good care of the environment. This is why the environment and science has a great place in my heart. Now, the problem that I see and the personal struggle that I have as of this moment is my lack of action. Sure, I am aware of what is happening around me and I help the environment in my own simple ways, but as I grow to become a young adult, I want my to help in a greater way, that is why I want to join an environmental group in the Philippines. Your reply and piece of information is highly appreciated. Consider this your way of helping. ;) Now, if you have the same passion, contact me and let's talk of making and building up our own environmental group. Ayt? Thank you so much in advance. God bless you! :)

A Fresh Start.

Got the time and effort to edit my blog. yaaay. Welcome to my blog site. :) I am Shekinah Del Rosario Bongco. I am seventeen years old. I have two loving parents named, Cornel and Rosa Bongco, respectively. I have a cute lil sister named Janielle and she is my best friend. This blog is set up for me to express myself and hopefully reflect God in the best way that I can. It's just nice to have your own blog you know, where you could write things like your realizations in life, personal thoughts on some issues and stuff. Even if it is the 19th of January, I still entitled this post a fresh start because I finally created a better version of all my blogs, thanks to some blog posts that appeared on google. :) Anyway, God bless you all. Expect blog posts soon, but I now have to load a movie for our bonding time.